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Looking For clan

Post  Abryn1 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:38 am

1. How long do you play L2 and how much time u spend in L2 per day (if it's every day)? i spend 10 hours in a week (depend of my job)
2. On what servers did u play before and u like low rates servers? Dex 4x, Official
3. Which was the max lvl and the best equipment u reached on those servers? 83, s80
4. In what clans on RaidFight you were before and why did you leave them? DoomSquad only academy
5. Your age? 42
6. Your class, current lvl,ingame nick and current equipment. Warcry, lvl 45, nick Abryn, Karmian, top jewel and two handed weapon (all of them shadow)
7. What u do in real life ? ( jobs/school/university) job


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